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Our passion since then has only increased.  We are now able to do printing in full color on hundred of ceramic pieces and porcelain plates, dishware..

Also we print INside mugs too.

From tile murals to dishware to small ceramic items for gifts, jewelry, wedding favors and more.

See some of our big printed murals and walls at our other website  and then our as well looking around here at all the ceramic in the small items we also do printing on - everyday.

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Personalized & Custom Printers of All Porcelain & Ceramic

The Partanen family years ago started wholesaling dishware (porcelain & ceramic) dinner plates and bowls to restaurants and hotels. And that part of the operation is still around see for more about that.  But we were constantly asked if we could print on ceramic and porcelain . Like a logo printing or text on the ceramic and porcelain dinnerware...plates, bowls and print IN mugs also cups and saucers.

That put us on a long and expensive journey to uncover the first part of printing permanent ink on ceramic products.


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