Rectangle Ornament with gold ribbon

3.725 inches

Model J063971


Ceramic and Porcelain Ornaments (all for print)

Every piece you see here in our inventory list of ceramic that we print on is :

1) usually in stock, and if not is readily available.

2) all these ceramic pieces we are printing on and personalizing.

3) we have no minimum order in our ceramic printing (however we love to do larger orders and give discounts on that too) just call us 1 855 410 8797 or direct 1-416-410-8797

Oval Ornament with gold ribbon

3.75 inches

Model J063981


Embossed Star Shape Ornament

3.25 inches

*Everything here can be printed

Model J067981


Bird House Ornament with gold string

3.5 inches tall

Model J061761


Wine Bottle Ornament with gold string

3.25 inches tall

Model J069691


Reindeer Ornament with gold string

3 inches

Model J071591


Round Disc Ornament with gold string

3 5/8 inches

Model J071211



Personalized & Custom Printers of All Porcelain & Ceramic

Printing On Ceramic & Porcelain Ornaments

Angel with Halo Ornament & with Bell

Comes with removable clapper for bell

2.75 inches

Model J066781


Cat Ornament (Openwork style) 

3 inches & thin

Model J064391


Gold Trimmed Ball Ornament (Openwork style) 22kt gold.

3 inches in diameter

Model J061971


Openwork Victorian Ornament

4 inches tall by 2.5 inches


Model J072301


Red Drum Shape with 22kt Gold Trim Ornament (2 sided print area)

2.87 inches

Model J069221


Bird (Dove) Ornament with gold string

2.5 inches high by 3.25 inches long

Model J072681


Angel Ornament with gold string

4 x 3 inches

Model J072661


Heart Shaped with Key Ornament

3 x 1.25 x 3 inches

Model J071041


Ceramic Victorian Red with 22kt Gold Ornament

4 inches

Model J069131


Call us 1 855 410 8797 or

direct 416 410 8797

Gift Tag with 22kt Gold Trim Ornament. Used for presents like bottles of wine or Christmas Tree

2 inches

Model J064011